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I quilt with an A.P.Q.S. Millineum long arm machine. My fees are .02 cents per square inch of quilt size for pantograph and semi-custom work. What I do is good but I do not do custom feathers or heirloom quilting. If you have any questions please call Sheryl at 208-742-1758 (shop) or 775-346-1064 (cell).

When you mail your quilt to me the post office will only insure the quilt for what you can prove it cost. I will mail the quilt back to you for the same amount of insurance that you sent it to me with; but, if it is lost in the mail you must have receipts or an appraisal proving the value of the quilt. Please talk to your postmaster so that you fully understand their rules. If the quilt gets lost it will only be covered by what the post office insurance provides. Copper Mountain Quilting and Sheryl Tutor assume no additional liability.