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Class Supply List

Sewing Machine - With the tools and the feet that come with it. (A 1/4 foot is very helpful and will make your projects much easier!)

Cutting Mat- They come in assorted sizes. We find that 36" is the most useful. If you have a 24" mat, that will also work.

Pin Cushion- Bring what you have.

Scissors- Large fabric cutting and smaller thread cutting.

Rotary Cutter - 45MM works best for all around cutting.

Extra Rotary Cutter Blades - Make sure they are the right type to fit your cutter. If you are just learning to cut then you will need extra's. 

Acrylic Ruler - to be used with the rotary cutter. 6 1/2" x 24" is the best overall, but 6 1/2" x 12" inch will work. 

Pins - Nice and sharp.

Sewing needles - for hand sewing.

Thread - The neutrals that will work on almost every project are: Off White, White, Black, and Light Grey.

Sewing machine needles - A new one in the machine at the start of the project and extra's in case of breakage.

Seam Ripper - You of course won't make a mistake, but your neighbor may need to borrow it. :)

A regular pencil for marking/writing on patterns if needed
Chalk pencil or fabric marker of your choice. Not always needed but very handy just in case.

This is just a general / basic supply list. If anything in addition is needed for a class, it will be listed on that class info.

Skill Level:All